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Joe Hallenbeck

Be Prepared

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"Be prepared, son. That's my motto. Be prepared."
- Joe Hallenbeck
Joseph Cornelius "Joe" Hallenbeck is a detective of the police department, a position he reached through a truly rocky path. Hallenbeck spent 13 years in the US military, attached to the 82nd Airborne Division, which led him to fight in the 1991 Gulf War as well as the 1999 Kosovo War. His sustained acts of heroism and risk of life in actual combat earned him the Army Commendation Medal and later the Silver Star.

The Lucky President

However, some of the atrocities he witnessed during his time in the Balkans led him to suffer psychologically and he quickly asked for a transfer. Based on his excellent record and his experience in covert operations and close protection, Hallenbeck was lent to the Secret Service in July 1999. Two months later, staff shortage and a series of circumstances led him to join the team of 37 agents assigned to President Clinton's visit to the Serbian Unity Congress in Washington. Such an assignment was unheard of among USSS rookies but Hallenbeck was deemed a trustworthy asset. He was however assigned to a low-threat level location, with two other agents, but what had to happen obviously happened. The President, wanting to be publicly seen as reaching out to the Serbian community despite the recent US-led war against Yugoslav forces in the Balkans, made a 20-metre unexpected detour as he walked from the roundabout in front of the GWU Hospital to the SUC building on M Street. There was a dense crowd all along the fenced path, and the President walked up to a traditional Serbian bakery on the corner of L and 23rd Streets, which opened an otherwise closed shooting angle for young activist and war orphan Petar Petrovic who fired three times at the President with a stolen M9 pistol, at a 25-metre distance. Hallenbeck was right between the shooter and the target. He saw the gun one split second too late but the first shot missed the President, injuring a young woman. Without an afterthought, Hallenbeck jumped on the President and received the second bullet in his back, which shattered his right scapula. The third shot hit him as well, plunging deep inside his back and stopping right between his kidney and liver. The President was saved, the shooter would eventually be executed in Virginia, and Hallenbeck would receive a medal and two-month intensive care.

The Descent to Hell

"What'd you do last night?
I think I fucked a squirrel to death, and don't remember."
- Mike Matthews, then Joe Hallenbeck
Hallenbeck's recovery from his nearly fatal injuries went astray. While the President and the American public quite quickly forgot about him and his heroic exploit to focus on their fear of the millennium bug, Hallenbeck's post-traumatic disorder resurfaced with violent strength during his hospitalisation. When he returned home in late September 1999, his temper had worsened, his arguments with his wife Sarah became recurrent, and he often raised his voice at their daughter Darian. After his wife and him separated during the Christmas holidays, Hallenbeck insisted to return to work and so did he. After a few low-profile missions, he was assigned to the protection team of US Senator Calvin Baynard during his 2000 presidential campaign. By that time, however, Hallenbeck had started to drink heavily and regularly, mainly as a result of the tough divorce procedure his wife had initiated, and the bitter fight they were having over the custody of their teenage daughter. Combined with increasingly disturbing nightmares from the war and frequent insomnia, these factors affected Hallenbeck's level of stress and one night, as he was on duty in a hotel where Baynard was staying, he heard the senator physically abusing his one-night stand and took upon him to storm the room and violently punch his protectee, freeing the woman from the abuse but also putting an end to his short-lived Secret Service career.

The Private Eye

The incident was quickly swept under the rug and Hallenbeck's silence was bought with an honourable discharge from the military and Secret Service and no criminal conviction. Struggling to put his life back in order, Hallenbeck failed at his attempts to stop drinking, while his divorce procedures dragged and his relationship with his only daughter deteriorated.

He succeeded in registering locally as a private investigator in early 2001 but soon afterwards, he discovered that his wife was having an affair with his best friend and occasional business partner, Mike Matthews. The same morning, Matthews was killed in a mysterious car explosion after giving Hallenbeck an assignment to act as bodyguard for a stripper named Cory. Hallenbeck immediately crossed paths with Cory's over-protective boyfriend, recently retired football star James Alexander "Jimmy" Dix. When thugs attacked Hallenbeck and killed Cory in front of Dix's eyes, the two teamed up to solve her murder.

The Corrupted Senator

The investigation quickly seemed to tie together the professional pasts of both Dix and Hallenbeck. Dix, it turned out, had to retire from professional football after a sports injury led to an addiction to pain-killers, which in turn led to a bogus gambling charge that ended his career. Meanwhile, they also discovered that Cory had proof that Senator Baynard, who had lost his election, was part of a conspiracy to legalise sports gambling, but that the other conspirators had decided to assassinate the senator rather than continue to bribe him. Hallenbeck and Dix succeeded in preventing the senator's assassination while exposing his corrupted activities, which led to his disgraceful fall from politics.

The Redemption

"Yeah, I believe in love; I believe in cancer."
- Joe Hallenbeck
A few weeks later, in June 2001, Hallenbeck was offered a job as a detective by the Chief of Police, which he accepted. Three months later, Hallenbeck and Sarah settled over their divorce and agreed on a joint custody of Darian, then almost 16. In the following years, he succeeded in building a solid reputation of incorruptible, dedicated and hard-working detective, although sometimes heavy-handed when dealing with suspects and convicts. His subordinates and superiors hold him in high esteem and criminals have quickly learned that behind Hallenbeck stood an entire police force, ready to support and defend him at any time. Boosting his self-confidence, sharpening his investigative skills, increasing his abilities in the field, that new job gave Hallenbeck a second breath. Having to sometimes fight off relapses into his alcohol and sleeping pills addiction, and his often violent approach to conflict resolution, Hallenbeck is nevertheless reborn as a new man, hitting the streets of the city "to protect and to serve".


In Sin and the City

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Is a good detective, with intuition, street-smarts, imagination and an excellent memory
  • Has acquired the trust and respect of the entire police corps, which guarantees that an attack on him is an attack on the entire police force
  • Retains exceptional bare-handed fighting skills from his time in the military, especially in kung fu and tae kwon do
  • Has some above-average skills in parachuting, light airplane piloting, rifle and pistol shooting, bomb making and sabotage, boxing, and in-the-field treatment of injuries
  • Has extraordinary endurance and resistance to physical injuries, blows, and torture, as well as to extreme weather
  • When offered with the right angle of attack, has the precise and deadly ability to punch someone's nose bone upwards into the person's brain, killing him instantly
  • Can easily move around with stealth in most environments, day or night

  • Has developed a now-declining but still subsisting addiction to alcohol (mainly whiskey) and sleeping pills
  • Suffers from post-war traumatic disorder manifested in recurrent and distressing nighmares
  • Reacts violently to confrontation and looses his temper easily when bullied


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